Non-GMO seeds

Non-GMO SEEDS Peaceful Valley Tomato

Want to grow your own non-GMO food? You’ll need some non-GMO seeds.

Check Peaceful Valley Farm Supply for organically grown seeds!

Everything you buy from the highlighted link above will automatically give the Nevada County LabelGMOs Campaign a 20% commission on all Peaceful Valley brand seed pack purchases, and a 5% commission on everything else!

Please note: we only receive Commission through purchases made using the highlighted Affiliate link above.

Did you know?  Peaceful Valley signed The Safe Seed Pledge, along with 70 other companies, agreeing to “not knowingly sell genetically modified (GM) seeds to farmers and home gardeners… including pasture grasses and cover crops.”  Peaceful Valley has been a longtime supporter of GMO labeling.   Read more in their article, including a 2-minute video (2012): Reasons to Vote Yes on Prop 37.